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DAT - More Then Data It's Improving Growth

DAT, It’s helping companies perform better by enabling more and faster data-driven decisions throughout the entire organization. It’s empowering people with insight. It’s your data, your world, your challenges, and your vision.

  • Analytic Tool Decision Suite is the BI and analytics solution for companies looking for a single platform for comprehensive business analysis across the company.
  • Modern BI encompasses both traditional analytics and new innovation. TARGIT Decision Suite meets the dual demands of business and IT by combining all data, all people, all BI disciplines in one user interface. Raw power meets self-service analytics. This is agile decision-making at its best. Get a more comprehensive view of your business than ever before. You get the freedom to experiment with data and the confidence that security and quality are ensured across the organization.
  • DAT’s enterprise-grade in-memory database and back-end tool set means DAT Decision Suite can be run as a complete end-to-end analytics solution. One seamless platform for every one of your data needs.
Drive your company to the next level with power of data and our technology.
  • Hundreds of Elements, including: Data, Visual, Analysis, Security, Input, Process/Action, Styling, Formatting, Layout and Design.
  • Self-service analytics empowers users to create their own visualizations and discover new insights. No need to exit or export.
  • Create custom experiences for every user.Deliver a platform that can be tailored to meet customer needs without relying solely on your development team to respond to every ad-hoc request.
  • Write-back enables your users to update the database without leaving the application.