Yuva CRM - Your Assistant in Business Navigations

Yuva CRM is a great tool to help small Manufacturing businesses deal with the vital task of managing your leads, contacts, organizations, partners, vendors and suppliers. Using CRM best practices, you can see everything about a lead or a contact — from background, email history and important dates, to any projects or opportunities in which they have participated. With YuvaCRM web-based customer relationship management features you won’t miss a beat.

  • Developed keeping in view wide industry challenges, the YuvaCRM covers a range of enterprise applications to help enterprise manage business operation flawlessly.

  • A robust system, designed and developed to manage customer data, access business information, automate key enterprise functions, including sales, marketing, vendor management, employee administration and business partnership among others.

  • There is a growing need for CRM Software Solutions and this need is addressed by Yuva’s Customer Relationship Management software solutions, which has been successfully implemented at various domains and industries.
  • As an experienced CRM software development company and with a multi-faceted industry-specific approach, we can help you reinvent your business model and accomplish sophisticated heights of performance, keeping in mind the specific challenges that come your way. Our custom CRM showcases an amalgamated blend of features under each vital area – Sales, Service, Marketing & Satisfaction.

  • Our CRM development services offer a mobility solution that caters to the business needs of the field sales teams, area and regional managers. The back-office application caters to the needs of the administrators, Regional and Zonal heads, Company Distributors and dealers.

  • In a nutshell, the whole solution focuses on providing clients with

  • A fully customizable solution with the fastest turn around to suit their all the workflows to be automated rather falling in the compelling situation to pay for unnecessary features and finding workarounds

  • User roles and authorization divided within staff members based on their hierarchy (up to any level) in the organization.

  • Segregation of Zones into Regions and Regions into Areas, further segmented into routes typically and based on this; entire access control is defined in the system to make it a real multi-tenant system.

  • Interfacing to 3rd party legacy system like SAP, Dynamics etc. to provide required data on the field.

  • Yuva CRM - Your Assistant in Business Navigations

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